Donna and La Donna Dreames reveals, for the first time, the mysterious and fascinating feminine personality which resides in a man‘s subconscious mind. This Feminine Pysche is largely responsible for the emotions, sexuality, speech and sensory functions which are associated with a man’s ability to socialize and fall in love. Ironically, in the schizophrenic patient, the subtle inner voice of the Feminine Psyche becomes life-threatening. She produces dangerous auditory and visual hallucinations. Her origin and function within the Sexually Dimorphic Nucleus of the brain is explained in relation to a man’s conscious behavior.

Eighty years ago, Carl Jung, the famous German psychiatrist, referred to his own feminine inner voice as the Anima and her speech as “bombastic”. She arose in his consciousness as a result of the extreme stress in his life. I have discovered that the Anima is the feminine intellect and emotional center of a man’s mind which becomes increasingly active with stress and alterations in his normal hormonal chemistry. My book demonstrates with explicit photographs and drawings that this Feminine Psyche is capable of accomplishing incredible intellectual and creative tasks when she fully emerges from the subconscious. This has tremendous implications for the treatment of schizophrenic patients.

The behavior of the Feminine Psyche in a man’s consciousness is perhaps most perceptible in schizophrenic, transgendered and certain homosexual men. In these cases, thoughts, emotions and speech originating in the feminine Sexually Dimorphic Nucleus (SDN) are continuously emerging or elicited into the male consciousness. Schizophrenia is an illness that permits the Feminine Psyche to escape the subconscious mind and participate directly in the Man’s life. In transgendered men, the impulses to dress and behave as a woman are caused by a cyclical hormone imbalance, manifest, in part, by the feminine SDN. In feminine homosexual men, the personality of the Feminine Psyche possibly exists in the man’s consciousness from birth. Normal men experience the effects of hormone production by the feminine SDN in nurturing children and other intimate social situations.